Hollywood’s Obamacare Zombies


Meet the consortium of radicals packing prime time TV with the White House’s propaganda.

Subverting the Cultural Occupation


Why conservatives can no longer afford to dismiss pop culture.

ObamaCare Propaganda —- Hollywood-Style


Continuing a long tradition of government subservience.

Hollywood’s Last-Minute Push for Obama


Tinseltown is panicking.

Occupy Wall Street: Giving the Masses Someone to Hate


The typical way totalitarians gain power.

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Rock The Vote: Now With More Skank!

Reading Liz Blaine’s great piece yesterday on the “Rock the Vote, Hold out for Health Care” video, prompted me to remember what I had thought when I first saw the video. Since I will never allow an opportunity pass to point out the hypocrisy and idiocy of some of those on the Left, particularly “celebrities”, [...]