Islamists Seek to Restrict Free Speech Following Jihadist Assault


Sharia censorship by other non-violent means is still censorship.

What the Left Did Last Week


The Left’s ongoing transformation of America.

New York Times Censors Pig Photos to Avoid Offending Muslims


“If there is picture of nudes or like this we will cover. This is a Muslim country.”

Geneva Conference Moves Toward Criminalizing “Islamophobia”


The fight to save free speech in the West continues.

United Nations’ War on Free Speech Continues


Stricter blasphemy laws on the horizon for Germany?

Vienna School Bans Teaching About Gates of Vienna to Avoid Offending Muslims


One day, if this goes on, schools will no longer be allowed to teach about September 11

Federal Prosecutor Warns Anti-Muslim Internet Postings are Subject to Federal Jurisdiction


Tellingly there are never any threats to prosecute Muslims for blatant incitement to violence.

A Muslim ‘Reformer’s’ Idea of Free Speech


Islamic activists reveal their true contempt for the First Amendment.

Canada’s Own Che


A college student mounts the barricades in opposition to free speech.

Reporting on the Radical Left Is ‘Spying’?

Picture 8

Absurd claims of political oppression from the tenured extremists running Israeli universities.