CAIR’s Thought Police: At It Again


Ibrahim Hooper embarks on a jihad to delete the word “Islamist” from our vocabulary.

Spain Arrests Anti-Islam Filmmaker, Releases Him On Condition He Does Not Release Movie


A judge in the Plaza de Castilla in Madrid charges a Pakistani refugee, who announced the publication of an anti-Islam film a few weeks ago, with incitement to religious violence. The judge prohibits the publication of the video on the network and makes his liberty conditional on not distributing the video.

Isn’t It Time We Got Over This Whole ‘Freedom of Speech’ Thing?


Anything can be criticized. That is the difference between a free and un-free society. Once that’s done, then the way to be immune from criticism is to kill a bunch of people. And congratulations, we’re all living in the barbaric splendor of a society whose intellectual life is ruled by the threat of violence. Or as Muslims call it, “Home, Sweet Home.”

Mo Filmmaker Targeted by Top Federal Prosecutor


The Mo filmmaker isn’t targeted by the authorities because Muslims want him in prison. It’s just a technical probation issue. And it’s completely normal for the Chief of the Criminal Division in Los Angeles to show up for a probation violation

High U.N. Official Calls Free Speech a ‘Gift’


The United Nations’ “more modern” interpretation of our most basic human right.

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Robert Spencer on The Jamie Glazov Show


A leading scholar of Islam sheds disturbing light on the war on free speech occurring right before our eyes.

Embassy Telling Muslims That US is Taking Action Against Mo Moviemaker


According to him, during the meeting, the embassy official told them that his government is in the process of taking action against the producer of the film

Are Radical Imams Going to Redefine Freedom of Speech?


Why we cannot allow those who employ violence to initiate a debate about the limits of free speech.

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When is Censorship not Censorship?

Censorship is such an ambiguous thing. How does one define it really? It’s like trying to give a name to a cloud or a flower or an administration telling a private company that they really need to censor something.

Obama Administration Asks YouTube to Remove Mohammed Film


The Obama administration, meanwhile, has also asked YouTube to take another look at the video to determine whether it violates site content guidelines, although YouTube earlier this week reported that the video was within those guidelines.