Censored Black-on-White Violence in America


“White Girl Bleed a Lot” goes where the mainstream news media doesn’t dare.

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Rest in Peace Ray Bradbury, Enemy of Political Correctness


A masterful writer who confronted a world full of people bent on burning books.

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Another Brick in the Wall


The London School of Economics silences criticism of Islam.

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WBNS 10TV Reports on Ohio State Students Mobilizing Against Freedom Center Ad


Attempts at censorship continue after The Lantern publishes ad revealing the Muslim Student Association’s link to terror.

Big Government vs. the Internet


Protests across the web have put a major dent in support for controversial government overreach.

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Thought Control on Islam


How the West’s leftist elites exploit the Norway attack to chill free speech.

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Egypt Falls into Darkness


The second purge of knowledge threatens the Library of Alexandria.

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Muslims Rage Against Offending Filmmakers


So much for the “Arab Spring.”

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Radical Graffiti Chic


Sponsored by L.A.’s aristocracy, the Museum of Contemporary Art’s new show celebrates vandalism.

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Censorship at UC Irvine


The rights of the speaker vs. the “rights” of disruptors.