The ‘Islamophobia’ Scam Returns


The Center for American Progress revises its slander sheet.

Obama’s Idea Factory Chooses Hillary Over Obama


It’s official. The duck is lame.

Demonizing SCOTUS


The Left launches an attack against conservative justices.

Think Progress Blogger says Center for American Progress Threatened Obama Critics


“They were doing the same thing to us RT America is telling its American producers to do now.”

Center for American Progress Joins Gulen Cult in Turning on Turkey’s Erdogan

Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan attends a wreath-laying ceremony in Ankara

It’s interesting to see who is pulling the strings in the dominant political think tank in Obama Inc.

ObamaCare Architect: “You Don’t Want the Election to be About Obamacare”


Mrs. O’Leary’s cow doesn’t want the election to be about that fire

Center for American Progress Tried to Sell Access to Hillary for $250K

hillary clinton old

… but what difference does it make anyway?

Obama’s New Center for American Progress Boss is Really Into UFOs


If you like your probing, you can keep your probing.

Obama Brings the Center for American Progress Into the White House


Obama hopes to lie and smear his way out of the ObamaCare mess.

Center for American Progress Chairman Now Working as Lobbyist for Iraq/Iran


Time Magazine described the Center for American Progress as “Obama’s Idea Factory”. The founder and Chairman of the Center for American Progress, John Podesta’s Podesta Group is now the official lobbying firm for the Iraqi government of Maliki, which has rather uncomfortably close ties to Iran.