An Islamic ‘Council of Nicea’


Instead of apologizing for Islam, demand Islamic reform.

What the Redskins Controversy Is Really About


The issue is always the revolution.

Reid Goes Nuclear

Harry Reid

On to packing the court system with Obama’s radicals.

DNC Final Day: Hope, Promises and Deceptions


A dramatic night of big speeches and fireworks — but little meaning.

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The Undemocratic Party Platform


A vote to put God and Jerusalem back in the party platform takes an Orwellian turn.

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Who Really Is “Anti-Science”?


The gulags of the climate change debate.

Why I’m a Global Warming Skeptic


Let’s begin by following the money.

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Twisting the Meaning of Twisters


The left shamelessly tries to use last week’s devastating extreme weather in the south to “prove” their case for global warming.

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Climate Consensus or Con?

Climate Change

An Oxford Union Society debate exposes climate change alarmism for the fraud it is.