In 90s Interview, Obama Called Most Americans Racists (VIDEO)


“The majority of Americans are in an ugly mood and deeply resent any advantages, real or perceived, that minorities may enjoy,” Obama said.

Coming Apart, Coming Together


Charles Murray’s new book chronicles the decline of a nation.

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Frum Brouhaha Shows Danger on the Right

David Frum’s ouster from the American Enterprise Institute ought to trouble all conservatives who are concerned with the future direction, health and vitality of the conservative movement.

Did David Frum Really Get Forced Out of AEI for His “Heretical” Views? And Is That Really What We Should Be Worried About as the Left Prepares its Next Assault?

I was disturbed yesterday when seeing the news that David Frum had resigned or potentially been “forced out” of his position at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI.) Frum and NewsReal Blog have had their disagreements in the past but I genuinely like and respect the guy.
Frum’s not an enemy who should be slammed like a [...]