Dem Congressman Doesn’t Pay Rent for a Year, Blames Republicans

Congressman Charles Rangel faces ethics charges

State taxpayers were stiffed out of at least $87,000

Charlie Rangel Wants Republicans to Vote for Amnesty Because He Cares About the GOP


Rangel warned that if conservatives vote against immigration reform, “it’s going to have an impact as to how long the Republican party will be in existence.”

Congressman Rangel Claims Millions of Kids “Being Shot Down by Assault Weapons”


Under the current media rules, Democratic members of congress can say any crazy thing they like and no one cares.

Democrats to Blacks: Stay Angry, Vote Democratic


For the Left, hate equals power.

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America’s Constitutional Awakening


The Democrats’ excesses have driven demand for constitutional government.

Charles Rangel: A Profile in Corruption


Plagued by multiple serious scandals, Rep. Charles Rangel has stepped down from his post as chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee. The move, which Rangel said was “temporary,” came after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told the congressman that he did not have enough votes to survive an expected Republican challenge to his chairmanship. To view a […]

Murder in Cuba


A black civil rights activist is killed by the Castro regime, but where is the international community’s outrage?