Crooked Charlie’s Dirty Deals: Crist Got $378K from Real Estate Co. That Ripped Off Firefighter Pensions

Democratic National Convention, Charlotte, NC

So the cops and firefighters took a pension hit and Charlie Crist took home $378K.

The Fall of the Incumbents


A Tea-Party led rebellion against big government sweeps some familiar faces out of office.

Conservative Call to Arms


The world’s greatest bastion of freedom urgently needs its citizens to act.

The man behind shakes up the Republican Party – St. Petersburg Times

MACON, Ga. — Between pecks at his laptop, Macon City Council member Erick Erickson ticked off some of his goals for the new year: • Beating Gov. Charlie Crist and electing Marco Rubio as Florida’s junior senator. • “Taking out” Republican Sen. Bob Bennett of Utah because he’s a centrist. • Ensuring the Republican establishment […]