The Media’s Muhammad Blackout Defers Again to Islam


French magazine Charlie Hebdo shows it won’t back down to Islamic violence.

Charlie Hebdo Prepares For Violent Backlash


A French magazine takes a stand for free speech even though its Paris offices have already been firebombed.

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Dhimmitude and Cowardice at Time


The newsweekly’s Paris editor explains to Charlie Hebdo that it brought the firebombing on itself.

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A Satire Draws Fire


Yet another Mohammed cartoon inspires violence.

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Jamie Glazov on the Michael Coren Show: We Are Under Attack


Frontpage’s editor discusses the bombing of a French magazine’s headquarters on Toronto’s Sun TV.

Firebombing Free Speech In Paris


Muslims destroy a magazine’s offices after it satirized Muhammad.

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When France’s Laughter Died


Does Islamists’ firebombing of a French magazine’s headquarters signal the end of a country’s unbridled humor?

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