Chavez’s Successor to Obama: ‘Yankee Go Home!’


A telling sign of the future of Venezuela.

The Red Fascism of Colonel Chavez

Venezuela's President Chavez speaks next to Iran's President Ahmadinejad during an agreement-signing ceremony in Tehran

Why the Venezuelan comandante was the real successor of Stalin and Hitler.

Resisting ObamaCare — on The Glazov Gang


Is it too late to pull the plug?

Mr. Hugo Chavez, You Were No Fidel Castro


In the pantheon of heroes for America’s leftist elite, Hugo was a pathetic D-lister.

How Obama Turned America into Venezuela


Chavez and Obama’s leftist politics of economic destruction.

Hugo Chavez: ‘I Am Not a Socialist!’


Deceit and bullying on a political campaign.

Occupy at One Year


Comeback or last gasp?

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Oslo Freedom Forum’s Chilly Welcome in Norway


The European left is uneasy with the concept of human liberty.

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Latin America: Iran’s New Front Against the U.S.


A menacing axis solidifies south of our border.

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Democracy’s Demons


Representative government is only as good — or as frightening — as the people it represents.

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