Will Congress Authorize?

McCain at Syria Senate hearing

Why approval for a strike on Syria is far from certain.

John Kerry: Face of Defeat


The poster boy of Obama’s incompetence and untrustworthiness on the world stage.

Obama’s Plan to Blame Syria on Congress


The president’s devious catch-22 strategy vis-à-vis Republicans on Syria.

Bad Reasons for Bombing Syria


The key issues Congress needs to debate.

Obama’s Bread and Circuses

Obama and ship of fools-thumb-470x254-3130

How the president’s incompetence on Syria has signaled to our enemies that the U.S. is an empty suit.

Obama Leaks His Own War


The president’s Syria game plan is already public.

Unilateralism, Obama-Style


The Left’s romance with international consensus suddenly dissipates.

John McCain’s Syria Delusions


The crucial questions the senator refuses to ask in his haste to arm jihadists.

Al Qaeda in Iraq Still Threatens America

Soldiers wearing gas masks hold bottles containing chemical materials during a news conference at the Defence Ministry in Baghdad

A foiled nerve gas plot shows the terrorist group is more dangerous than ever.

Syrian Rebels and Chemical Weapons


The disturbing evidence continues to mount.