Chicago Politics


Thompson held a debate between himself and two live rats

Chicago’s “Teachers for Social Justice” Suffers from Compulsive Illiteracy


“Testing is a weapon used especially against Black and Latina/o students.”

Muslim Brotherhood Chicago Comptroller Hired by Rahm Emanuel Charged with Money Laundering


Mayor Rahm Emanuel heaped praise on his hand-picked aide for helping him “reform government” in Chicago.

Chicago Connection: Zimbabwe Lobbyists Arrested in Attempt to Influence Obama


He claimed that the angel Gabriel appeared to him in a vision and told him to lead African Americans back to the promised land.

University of Chicago Professor Claims “Power Hungry Presidents are Good for Democracy”


Today’s popular notion that presidents should exercise more self-restraint and limit their executive authority is misguided, he says.

Guns Don’t Kill People, Chicagoans Kill People


“Gun control . . . is the weak link in the chain of public safety for the city of Chicago,” Rahm Emanuel said.

Chicago Democrat Judge Found Not Guilty of Battery By Reason of Insanity, Reelected Anyway

Judge Cynthia Brim

“At that point she is absolutely psychotic in the sense of not having the ability to think straight or to even organize her thinking or to really remember a darn thing that happened,” her attorney, James Montgomery Sr., said.

Chicago Politicians Solicit Support from the Gangs Responsible for 80% of Murders


The former chieftains, several of them ex-convicts, represented some of the most notorious gangs on the South and West Sides, including the Vice Lords, Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples, Cobras, Black P Stones, and Black Gangsters. Before the election, the gangs agreed to set aside decades-old rivalries and bloody vendettas to operate as a unified political force, which they called Black United Voters of Chicago.

How Chicago’s Two Worst Congressmen Gave Us Eight Years of the Worst Man in the White House


Savage made racist and anti-Semitic statements against both white and Jewish people. Savage once gave a speech in which he listed the names of all of the Jewish donors living outside of the Chicago area who donated money to his opponent. This led to a backlash, to which Savage responded that only white people could be racist.

Obama for World President? – by David Gutmann


How the president is exploiting his office for more grandiose goals.