The Chicagoization of America


How the forces that destroyed the city are destroying the nation.

Chicago Solving Only 1/4 of its Murders, Asks Internet to Identify Murder Victims


Chicago’s failure isn’t just isolated to its own borders. The political culture of misrule has been exported to Washington.

Chicago Running Out of Euphemisms


Pity the poor Chicago reporters running out of ways to describe black mob violence without using the words “black mob violence.”

Rahm Shuts Down the Schools


And the Left gnashes its teeth.

Teachers Union & Socialists Join Forces to Protest Chicago School Closings


A glimpse into the leftist coalition pulling the levers of power in major American cities.

Farrakhan Calls on Chicago Gangs to Protect Islamic State in America


“My job is the same as the job of Prophet Muhammad ibn Abdullah!” Farrakhan said.

Guns Don’t Kill People, Obama Voters Kill People

Try and control these guns

According to police data reported by the Sun Times, Chicago experienced a shooting every 3.57 hours in 2012.

Chicago Represents the Failure of Liberalism


The inner city represents the failure of a century of liberalism to reform and uplift. And once we get past the usual nods to racism, there’s nothing more to say about the reality of life there. Or at least nothing that the ideology responsible for the failures would like to discuss.

Cultural Deviancy Is the Problem, Not Guns


The real driving force behind fire arms violence.

Minority Students in Chicago: Hostages of the Democratic Party

Chicago Teachers Go On Strike For First Time In 25 Years

Oppressive Democrat-union alliance leaves few options for the youth of the Windy City.