The Amnesty Mob vs. America


How the Soros-funded open borders lobby has brought Chicago thuggery to the national stage.

IRS Scandal Follows Old Obama Illinois Pattern


The president’s unblemished record of destroying the opposition through abuse of bureaucracy & regulations.

Socialist Chicago Teachers Parade Their Indoctrinated Students

CTU members hold a socialist sign

The true face of the teachers union — and what it is teaching our children.

Paul Gottfried’s ‘Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America’


What the Right can learn from a movement veteran and scholar of politics.

May Day in Chicago: Gang of 8 Sen. Shares Stage with Illegals


Socialists, anarchists and open-borders advocates join hands with a man shaping immigration reform.

Chicago Sheriff Sued Over Deadly Immigration Policies


A landmark case that may stop leftist lawlessness before more Americans are killed.

The Chicagoization of America


How the forces that destroyed the city are destroying the nation.

Chicago Solving Only 1/4 of its Murders, Asks Internet to Identify Murder Victims


Chicago’s failure isn’t just isolated to its own borders. The political culture of misrule has been exported to Washington.

Chicago Running Out of Euphemisms


Pity the poor Chicago reporters running out of ways to describe black mob violence without using the words “black mob violence.”

Rahm Shuts Down the Schools


And the Left gnashes its teeth.