Hollywood’s War on Heteronormativity


Time to re-educate the kiddies.

Middle East Peace Process

Picture 2

Palestinian schoolgirls dedicate a special song to their neighbors, the Jewish apes and pigs.

Jihad on Egypt’s Christian Children


Islam’s war on the innocents.

The Left’s War on Father’s Day


How the holiday became a yearly reminder of progressives’ assault on minorities.

Beware the Dictators of Virtue


The future of “tolerance” in America.

Jim Carrey: Gun Owners Don’t Deserve to Live

Picture 4

The hypocrisy of the Hollywood elite.

Shadow of the Gun


How the Left’s promotion of fire arms fear instills learned helplessness in our children.

Brainwashing Kids About Guns: the Sequel


Progressives go to astounding lengths to teach children that even owning a gun is insane.

Environmentalism and Human Sacrifice


Eco-fanatics cause tens of millions of Third World children to die due to their anti-human policies.

Is Head Start Actually Bad for Kids?


Head Start isn’t really working as an educational kickstarter, instead it looks a lot like a multi-billion dollar babysitting program.