Ralph Peters: Iran Building a New Persian Empire

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 1.15.54 AM

Military analyst sounds the alarm on growing global security threats at the West Coast Retreat.

Bill Whittle: We’re Number Two


A Truth Revolt video.

Finding Americans to do Beijing’s Dirty Work


Chinese communists recruit the usual suspects who believe the U.S. is run by fascists.

China Tests Stealth Plane it Stole from US During Obama Visit


China keeps making Obama bow

President Obama: Where Are Your Manners?


A PR disaster in China.

The Visa-For-Sale Scheme and Other Useless Immigration Programs

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The immigration system’s indifference to immigrant skills and U.S. labor demands.

Chinese Jihadist Ilham Tohti is not a Political Dissident

Ilham Tohti

By arresting Ilham Tohti, China is stating that it won’t negotiate with Muslim terrorists

Obama’s Marine Preserve Cripples US Navy Defense Against China


The Pacific monument lies across the most direct paths from the East China Sea to the Central Pacific

John Bolton: ‘The Biggest Threat to National Security Is in the White House’


Amb. John Bolton discusses the threat within at the Freedom Center’s Texas Weekend.

The Obama Undoctrine


Foreign policy that stands for everything and nothing. And has accomplished nothing.