Will Chinese Millennials Kill China’s Industrial Boom?


Taken to its logical extreme, China would end up with an American economy

“Safeguarding the Debt is of Vital Importance,” China FM. “This is the United States’ Responsibility”


“We ask that the United States take steps to resolve the political issues of the debt ceiling and prevent a US debt default to ensure the safety of Chinese investments in the United States,”

Syrian Rebels Now Picking a Fight with China

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A brigade commander in the Free Syrian Army, one of the rebel forces fighting the Syrian government, has vowed to launch a “full-scale attack” on the Chinese embassy.

Obama’s Legacy of Disaster


Leaving America worse off than he found it.

World’s 2nd Largest Telecom Vendor Accused of Spying for China


The real problem here is that the US has become dependent on Chinese equipment for its information infrastructure

Obama’s Pacific Pivot Going Swimmingly as Chinese Warships Approach Japan

Barack Obama, Hu Jintao

The Chinese naval taskforce to participate in the China-Russia “Joint Sea-2013″ joint naval drill conducted confrontation training in complex electromagnetic environment in a sea area of the Sea of Japan

U.S. Foreign Policy Is Failing Worldwide


Enemies rejoice over a new era of U.S. disengagement from the world stage.

You Can’t Love America and Love Edward Snowden


How Obama’s image of weakness emboldened Russia & China to abet a U.S. traitor.

The Russia-China Snowden Gambit


Why an American traitor’s great escape from Hong Kong was no accident.

NYU Throws Out Blind Chinese Human Rights Activist


The hammer of China’s financial might comes down — and the campus liberals obey.