Was U.S. Duped by China on Dissident Deal?


A rushed handover of Chen Guangcheng could quickly turn into a liability for the Obama administration.

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From Darkness to Freedom


The escape of dissident Chen Guangcheng is the biggest diplomatic disaster for China in decades.

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Will China Crush Islam? — on The Glazov Gang


Leftist film producer Tommi Trudeau joins Nonie Darwish and Evan Sayet on the gang — and voices a curious prediction.

The Real War on Women: Baby Girls in Peril


How much do Limbaugh-hating leftist feminists care about the global effort to cut down the female population?

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The Truth about the Manufacturing Sector’s ‘Sickness’


The health of an industry is measured by its output, not by the number of people it employs.

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Building America’s ‘Space Fence’


An overlooked problem in the earth’s orbit may have big consequences if left unchecked.

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Obama’s Drive to Disarm America 


The president considers making the U.S. as impotent as France — while our enemies stock up on nukes.

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Stalemate at the UN While Syria Slaughter Continues


Cowardice and moral bankruptcy on the part of the international community again on display.

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Canadian Oil Project Drifts Closer to China


The Harper government puts Obama and the eco-radicals on notice.

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The China Illusion


The Obama White House sees Taiwan’s free enterprise as an affront.

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