Who Lost Egypt?


The Obama administration treats Morsy’s totalitarian moves as positive developments.

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United Nations Ignores Al-Qaeda Link to Syrian Rebels


The U.S. rapidly entangles itself in an unsavory proxy war.

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Two Shades of Evil Battle in Syria


Western diplomats rally for action outside of the U.N., but a U.S. ally is not waiting in the wings.

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Romney’s Missed Opportunity


Time to prove he’s an advocate for American business.

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Fighting Back Against United Nations Gangsters


A brave voice stands up against the U.N.’s quest to legitimize the world’s worst human rights abusers.

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Sea Change for American Power


Will rising world powers outmatch U.S. naval might?

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A World Without America


Why the administration’s leaks could become the match that sets the Middle East aflame.

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China’s One Child Policy: A Real War on Women


A human rights warrior discusses her fight against the policy that puts one in five females in the world in peril.

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Chen Guangcheng: An Inconvenient Activist


Why the Chinese hero disturbs the U.S. government.

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The Fate of Our POWs From The Korean War


The infuriating and tragic tale told by 92,000 declassified documents.

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