Bridgegate: Welcome to New Jersey


Bridgegate is business as usual in New Jersey.

Chris Christie Claims He Can Deliver the Black Vote


“If you want to triple your African American vote you need to show up.”

Christie: The “Good Republican”


Are the Dems really worried about a challenge from Christie?

Subsidized Tuition for Illegal Aliens is Now “Tuition Equality”


The left has figured out that it can add “equality” to any terrible idea and make it more appealing.

Rand Paul Wins Michigan Straw Poll


Could Christie catch up?

The GOP National Security Debate of 2016 Begins


The significance of Chris Christie’s clash with Rand Paul.

Jersey Shore vs. Chris Christie


The Snooki Monster vs. The Cookie Monster.

Chris Christie Complains Black Democratic Speaker is Blocking Bill That Would Help Black Families, Accused of Racism


It’s easier to distract from that issue with petty complaints and accusations of racism, instead of dealing with the fact that the Dem establishment is pandering to New Jersey’s teacher’s union, instead of helping black children

Christie’s Embrace of Islamo-Fascists


New Jersey Governor signs on as a useful idiot for the jihad.

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