Truthdig’s Hedges Hatefully Rants, Misrepresents Religious Right

Author and journalist Chris Hedges goes off the deep end to attack the Christian Right. He has no use for facts – just hate.

This Country Needs a Few Good Communists—Full Marx to Chris Hedges

In an era when the budding Van Joneses of this world are “dropping the radical pose” and concealing their truly dreadful, intellectually bankrupt ideas beneath layers of hopey-changey gauze it is refreshing to read a lefty who actually says what he means.
Thus, Chris Hedges and his post This Country Needs a Few Good Communists, a [...]

Ignoring Calls for Holocaust


The Left’s deafening silence on our modern-day Kristallnacht.

Why the Left Ignores the Call for a Second Holocaust

Remember in our most recent video from UCSD when David Horowitz at UCSD said to the cleverer-than-thou college communist, “Enough. Enough. It’s boring. You’re boring”? That sentiment keeps repeating in my head these days.
Socialist journalist Chris Hedges writing at New Left Marxist Robert Scheer’s online magazine Truth Dig:
The oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico, [...]

Obama’s Rock and Hard Place Problem

Someone (well before Joe Biden) once famously observed, “If you think you’re a leader, turn around and see if anyone is following.” President Obama would do well to mark these words as his support on the Left rapidly corkscrews into the sea.

“Wake Up and Stand Up.” So urges the bold motto of a seedling movement [...]