Victory for Meriam


Christian woman’s death sentence is overturned — and what the U.S. must do now.

I’m Make-Believe Outraged!

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 1.44.43 AM

A Truth Revolt video.

Western Media and Islamic Persecution


The MSM holds enormous sway, but rarely uses it to help persecuted Christians.

Raymond Ibrahim on CBN News: Christian Persecution and the Mainstream Media


Why Meriam Ibrahim’s plight is the tip of the iceberg.

Canada On Verge of Banning Christians from Professional Life


Private Christian universities await a tense court battle.

The New York Times’ Propaganda War on Egypt


The “paper of record” turns PR organ for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Islam: ‘Appalling and Abhorrent’ in the Eyes of a Blind World?


Why refusing to identify the problem of Islam will ensure more victims like Meriam Yehya Ibrahim.

Inconvenient Truths about Race & Slavery


Where an “honest discussion” about race should start.

The ‘Brave German Woman’ and Europe’s Islam Question


How long will the elites keep suppressing the truth?

Syrian Jihadis ‘Take Aim’ at Christian Toddler


Atrocities committed by the Ottoman Empire revisited on Christians.