Islamizing the Public Schools


How Muslim Brotherhood front groups are driving out all religious expression — except of Islam.

The Immoderate Moderation of the “Moderates”


When silence speaks volumes.

The View from Londonistan


What was once the cradle of human liberty is now a slave to totalitarian ideology.

Islamic Forced Conversions—Past and Present


Embracing Islam by the sword is not limited to ancient history.

Raymond Ibrahim Discusses New Book with Glenn Beck

Picture 4

Shillman Journalism fellow relays the shocking truth about Christian persecution in the Muslim world.

Why Islam Leads to Violence


A look at the philosophical precepts that make the “religion of peace” anything but.

The Church of Scotland Takes the Low Road


Delivers a report of the most anti-Semitic kind.

Crucified Again: The Islamic Jihad on Christians Exposed


Raymond Ibrahim’s new book gives a voice to the voiceless Christians suffering under Islam.

Raymond Ibrahim and Robert Spencer on Christian Slaughter in the Muslim World

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Two leading experts on Islam shed light on the gruesome reality of the Middle East today.

A Pastor’s Fate Inside the Mullahs’ Archipelago


The vicious torture continues of Saeed Abedini for his crime of refusing to renounce Jesus Christ.