Did Obama Just Fire his Secretary of Defense for being a Republican?


Obama seems to be raging after the midterm elections.

Chuck Hagel Didn’t Even Have a Year and a Half Before Going Under the Bus

Hagel takes his seat to testify about the Bergdahl prisoner exchange, at a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington

That must be some kind of record.

Russia Not Taking Chuck Hagel’s Phone Calls


“We have made it clear to the Russians that Secretary Hagel is available for a phone call at any time.”

Secretary of Defense Hagel Still Doesn’t Understand Why Putin Annexed Crimea


“Why he did what he did, we still don’t understand fully.”

Nobody Will Answer Chuck Hagel’s Phone Calls


The Ukraine Defense Minister has refused to take multiple phone calls made personally by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel

Hagel Wants Negotiations with Iran, Not with States that Refuse Gay Benefits

"Wait till South Beach gets a load of us."

Chuck Hagel is ready to go to war for gay marriage

Positions of Power


How Obama’s UN ambassador nominee is trying to cover up her radical past.

Obama Inc. Leaks Details of Israeli Secret Base


It’s almost like a guy with links to the Iranian government is now the Secretary of Defense.

Dem Rep Joins Call to Label Fort Hood Shooting Terrorism


With new leadership at Defense, will victims of the jihadist attack finally receive justice?

Viscount Samuel, Meet Secretary Hagel


Chuck Hagel’s conspicuous about-face on Israel.