The Democratic Party and Karl Marx


Unveiling the roots of Democrats’ logic.

Schumer is Ignorant and Wrong About the Temperance Movement

Not the Tea Party

They were the kind of liberal reformers who today go to work as community organizers.

Jewish Organizations Speak Out Against Hagel


The Hagel nomination is yet another opportunity to demonstrate that there is a fundamental breach between the interests of the Jewish community and of the extreme left that has taken over the Democratic Party.

What is Really Behind Obama’s Condemnation of Morsi?


The timing of the two are closely intertwined. Morsi’s comments had been around for a while. A staged condemnation of them however would allow the White House to posture as pro-Israel at an extremely critical period.

Facebook Founder Goes Galt


Eduardo Saverin fled Brazil to escape being held for ransom — only to later face the tax madness of Chuck Schumer.

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The Donald: Doing the Job the Media Won’t Do


Trump’s popularity has little to do with his viability as a presidential candidate.

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Unemployment and the Immigration Glut


Coming to do the work Americans want to do.

Faith in Open Borders


The religious Left prays for amnesty and a borderless America.