The Rise of the Ignoramus Jihadist


Islamic terrorists are not ignorant and poor, but neither are they truly educated.

NewsReal Blog Book Club: David Fosmark Recommends a Very Important Book Now in Paperback for the First Time

NRB’s David Forsmark has today’s book recommendation:

A VERY important book now in paperback for the first time, with an update from the author.
The Human Factor: Inside the CIA’s Dysfunctional Intelligence Culture
From my Frontpage Magazine review:
It’s time for Americans who care about protecting their country to consider a notion that was [...]

Ex-CIA Case Officer Exposes CIA’s Epic Fail on Colbert Report; Patrick Kennedy’s Rant an Easy Target on the Daily Show

Stephen Colbert had an interview with former CIA case officer Robert Baer on his program tonight, discussing the December 30 suicide bombing in Afghanistan by a Jordanian double-agent for Al-Qaeda. He was discussing his piece (click here) in GQ Magazine, essential reading for all metrosexuals, about how the attack could have been prevented.
Baer pointed out [...]