Jamie Foxx Thinks Kanye Should be MLK


When racial progress and racial divisiveness go hand in hand.

Eric Holder’s Reign of Racial Terror


The DOJ’s threat to George Zimmerman.

Race-Industry Leeches


Will the DOJ pursue its self-serving, race-baiting agenda in the Zimmerman case?

Who Is Racist?


How the civil rights movement was transformed into a vehicle for race hatred.

The Progressive Lynch Mob Claims Another Victim


Celebrity chef Paula Deen loses her television career and many millions over a word in private with her husband.

White Liberals Rewrite Dems’ Phony Civil Rights History


The Democratic Party — the party of segregation.

Are There Fewer Mass Shootings in Europe Because Involuntary Commitment is Easier?


“In dealing with the potentially violent mentally ill, we need to balance the potential danger to society more effectively against the loss of individual freedom. Building better facilities for the mentally ill and being more proactive about putting dangerous people in them is a necessary precaution given the abundance of weapons in these United States.”

Columbia University Under Investigation


Complaint filed by Kenneth L. Marcus, the director of the Initiative on Anti-Semitism.

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