Obama’s Algae Racket


Entrenched D.C. lobbyists have their hands out for millions.

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Debunking Obama’s Energy Policy Lies


As gas prices rise, so does the president’s misdirection.

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Eco-Radical Defrauds Conservative Institute


Another scandal reveals the deceptive core of the global warming alarmist movement.

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Obama’s Enviro-Fat Cat Welfare Program


A great deal if you happen to be one of the president’s campaign bundlers.

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The Global Warming Cult and the Death of Science


What two recent “conversions” tell us about the state of rational inquiry and politics in the 21st century.

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An Administration’s Green Fiascos Pile Up


The bankrupt ideology that’s bankrupting the taxpayer.

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Obama’s Green Robber Barons


Fat cat Democratic cronies receive more than their “fair share” of tax payer millions — with no end in sight.

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Killing Keystone


Lies from the president as elite radicals nix jobs for struggling blue-collar workers.

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Canadian Oil Project Drifts Closer to China


The Harper government puts Obama and the eco-radicals on notice.

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Obama’s Enviro-Racketeering


Struggling job producers slapped with fines — for a green fuel that doesn’t exist.

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