Valerie Jarrett, the CEO of Obama Inc.


The woman behind the curtain.

De-Imagining America


Big foundations, universities and your tax dollars merge to support the Left’s cultural warfare.

Fight the Next War, Not the Last One


Why dwell on Obama when the Hillary campaign is mounting its assault?

Liberalism’s War on Women


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Clinton Muslim Brotherhood Operative Arrested in Egypt

Gehad el-Haddad

Gehad el-Haddad taken into custody for inciting violence.

Resetting U.S. Foreign Policy


How Obama made America not just irrelevant — but dangerous.

The GOP National Security Debate of 2016 Begins


The significance of Chris Christie’s clash with Rand Paul.

Al Qaeda in Iraq Still Threatens America

Soldiers wearing gas masks hold bottles containing chemical materials during a news conference at the Defence Ministry in Baghdad

A foiled nerve gas plot shows the terrorist group is more dangerous than ever.

The Great Race Card Getaway


Racing away from scandals with a race card.

The Amnesty Bill’s Latest Sham “Trigger”

U.S. Border Patrol Monitors Vast Border With Mexico

Why the Gang of 8’s claims of “tough” border enforcement are a fraud.