CNN Won’t Cover “Local Story” of Dem State Senator Busted by FBI for Missile Arms Deal


A bridge being closed down in New Jersey, that’s a national news story.

“The Makeup Girls Suffered the Worst”: Piers Morgan’s Staff Speaks

Piers Morgan 1011

“Morgan didn’t show any respect to anyone working under him”

CNN: Media Overreacted to Boston Marathon Bombing


The first wave arrived with similar injuries: severed limbs…

CNN Pres Wants Network to Stop Doing News

This is not a joke. This is CNN.

“We need more shows and less newscasts.”

CNN’s Iran Coverage: Biased, Inept, or Corrupt?


Promoting a biased, re-branded image of a murderous regime.

Christiane Amanpour Claims There’s No Moral Equivalence Between Beheading and Chemical Weapons

Christiane Amanpour

A man who is gassed is just as dead as one who was beheaded.

What Would the Founders Think of Defunding Obamacare?

the constitution

CNN’s curious constitutional appeal.

Pro-Islamist Fake News?


CNN’s questionable coverage of the Syria crisis.

Alec Baldwin to MSNBC, Hillary Clinton to NBC


But there’s a firewall!

CNN Doubles Down on Hillary Propaganda Flick


Does anyone even watch CNN anymore?