Christiane Amanpour Claims There’s No Moral Equivalence Between Beheading and Chemical Weapons

Christiane Amanpour

A man who is gassed is just as dead as one who was beheaded.

What Would the Founders Think of Defunding Obamacare?

the constitution

CNN’s curious constitutional appeal.

Pro-Islamist Fake News?


CNN’s questionable coverage of the Syria crisis.

Alec Baldwin to MSNBC, Hillary Clinton to NBC


But there’s a firewall!

CNN Doubles Down on Hillary Propaganda Flick


Does anyone even watch CNN anymore?

Pushing Back Against CNN & NBC’s Hillary Propaganda


Will the networks take the Republican National Committee’s threat of a boycott seriously?

RNC Chairman Warns NBC and CNN that Hillarypalooza Will Have Consequences


Chairman Priebus will seek a binding vote of the RNC to prevent the committee from partnering with these networks in 2016 primary debates

Benghazi and the Al Qaeda Resurgence

Mideast Libya Militant Backlash

What the deadly attack was foreshadowing.

Benghazigate: CIA Whistleblowers Warned, “You Don’t Jeopardize Yourself, You Jeopardize Your Family as Well”


CIA operatives in Libya have been subjected to frequent polygraph examinations to find out if anyone is talking to the media or Congress.

CNN Joins NBC in Producing Hillary Propaganda Flick


That now makes three Hillary Clinton productions in the works in the lead-up to her expected 2016 presidential run.