Congressman “Taliban Alan” Grayson Joins Code Pink’s Pro-ISIS Campaign

taliban alan grayson2

“He’s been hitting me a lot.”

Code Pink Interrupts ISIS Hearing to Support ISIS

code pink

“No more war! No military solution!”

Code Pink Takes Time Out from ISIS and Hamas to Support Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine


The common denominator: support for evil

Obama’s Radical Homeland Security Chief Meets w/Code Pink Terror Supporters


“No one ever searched us. No metal detectors, no looking through our bags.”

Medea Benjamin/Code Pink Caught Lying About Involvement in Egyptian Protests


Would a notorious terrorist supporter blatantly lie about her actions?

Medea Benjamin Booted Out of Egypt


A radical’s political pilgrimage gets derailed by the Egyptian military.

ObamaCare Architect Retires After 40 Years in Congress to Spend More Time W/his Health Care Investments

henry waxman

Waxman also helped Code Pink funnel aid to terrorists

Code Pink Stages Massive Anti-Israel Rally Consisting of 4 People, 8 Cardboard Boxes

Israeli atrocity

Even more disturbingly only one of the Code Pink protesters is wearing a Keffiyah. By Code Pink standards that practically qualifies as a hate crime.

College Credit for Code Pink Anti-Semitism

lachelle roddy

Certainly if you can get college credit for interning with a group like Code Pink that aids Hamas, why not get college credit for spending six months trying to actively murder Jews with a terrorist group?

Smile! You Support Hamas!

Medea Bejamin, Tighe Barry

The Unholy Alliance believes it has an electoral mandate too.