A New Reign of Terror in North Korea


Why the regime may be on the verge of collapse — and how global terrorists may benefit.

Is New York City the Next Detroit?


Why the city is headed for collapse.

Egypt: Free People Not Going Quietly Into the Sharia Night


The demonstrations continue; where is Obama?

Israeli Mega-Coalition Collapses


Was the center-left Kadima Party looking for an excuse to exit?

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The Pope Occupies Wall Street


When the collapse comes, look to overspending as the cause.

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Gold-Plated Stupidity: Media Matters’ Ludicrous Attack On Beck

Will Bunch of left-wing character assassination site Media Matters for America has penned what has to be one of the dumbest items I have ever read from the George Soros steno pool.
In a blog post titled, “Beck fans strike gold…for now,” Bunch argues that Glenn Beck is causing a speculative bubble in gold by hyping doom [...]

Do Call it a Bailout


Chris Dodd and the Democrats’ new financial reform bill authorizes bailouts in perpetuity.

Is the U.S. Too Big to Fail?


The warning signs are all around us.

Indiana Right to Life Realizes No Such Thing As a Pro-Life Democrat

From Lori Ziganto’ latest article at RedState
Indiana Right to Life PAC just announced that they are now barring the endorsement of Democratic candidates.
“Our leadership anguished over this decision,” notes IRTL-PAC chairman Mike Fichter. “Had Democrats like Brad Ellsworth held firm in opposing federal funding for abortion in the health care [...]

Holding Spendthrifts Responsible


Those responsible for the public debt crisis should pay the price.