A Revisionist Muslim History of America


America’s original Muslims were Christians.

Seattle Socialist Who Abolished Columbus Day Willing to Honor Italians, As Long as They’re Left Wing


Sawant told Italian-Americans to read Howard Zinn’s ​A People’s History of the United States​.

Bill de Blasio Attends Columbus Day Parade, Attacks Columbus

"If Bill de Blasio doesn't like my work, maybe he should try moving to Russia."

Maybe if De Blasio wins, he can rename the Columbus Day parade, the Gramsci Day Parade.

Obama’s OIC Envoy Didn’t Just Defend Al-Arian


Rashad Hussain’s disturbing stances on U.S. terrorist prosecutions.

A People’s History of Howard Zinn – The New Ledger

One of the unwritten laws of opinion journalism is to never kick a man when he’s dead, at least, not until an appreciable amount of time has passed. The question is whether this can or should hold true for those who make their living by doing precisely that. The death at the age of 87 […]

Seven Miracles that Saved America – by David Forsmark


A new book examines the overwhelming odds the U.S. beat to become a nation.

The Threat at Home – by Ryan Mauro


A disturbing trend among Somali immigrants in the West.

Ohio Imposes Sharia on an ex-Muslim Girl – by Jamie Glazov


Why is Rifqa Barry in solitary confinement and denied access to “pastoral guidance”?