Bill Whittle: The Struggle for Stupidity

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A Truth Revolt video.

Holocaust-Denial Assignments for American Children — on The Glazov Gang


Stealth jihad and Jew-hate enter our public schools. Where was the resistance?

The Cancer of Common Core — on The Glazov Gang

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Mao’s Cultural Revolution reaches America’s public schools.

Insane Math Lessons and Common Core — on The Glazov Gang


The Left’s real agenda in making arithmetic mindbogglingly confusing for American children.

Stealth Jew-Hate in Middle School


Why exactly are our children now given Holocaust-Denial writing assignments?

Is Supporting Common Core a Political Liability for Republicans?


57 percent of independents oppose Common Core.

Rebranding Common Core


… And implementing it surreptitiously in the states.

Revolt Against the Testing Tyrants


Who’s really benefiting from school testing madness?

Common Core’s Little Green Soldiers


Shrinking hard science to make room for indoctrination.

Center for American Progress Panelist: “The Children Belong to Us”


It’s not just Common Core for kids. Kids are also common property.