A Warrior Against Communism and Islamism


Remembering Vitaly Raevsky.

The Lesson of Father Gleb


Remembering a heroic Russian dissident who challenged Communism and the Orthodox Church.

Russian Nativity Play: A Tale of Two Josephs


What happens to a Christmas play when Joseph Stalin is more known than the biblical Joseph.

New Left Totalitarians Celebrate Castro’s Victory


Tom Hayden hails Obama for completing the objectives of the Cuban “Revolution.”

Senators Vow to Halt Obama’s Castro Odyssey

Barack Obama

But is Congress a match for the president’s pen and phone?

Obama’s Bailout for Communist Dictators

Mandela memorial service (30)

Why Americans will suffer for Obama’s dirty deal with Castro.

Torture and Police Brutality in a Real Police State


Where is Senate and media outrage about brutalized North Koreans?

Showdown in Romania


An election on the horizon and the threat that lies within.

UCLA’s New Cover Girl


A radical who received the “International Lenin Peace Prize” gets the honor.

Save the Environment from the Socialists


Warmunists are creating droughts and floods.