U.N. Finally Hits Back at North Korea


But little hope that the Communist prison state will change course.

Stalin’s Dead Hand


Why the fight over the tyrant’s true brutal legacy is the fight for the future of Russia.

What the Left Does Not Understand About Islam

Picture 16

Inside the doomed unholy alliance.

“The Americans” – Rooting for the KGB?


A new TV drama is surprisingly pro-American.

Neo-Communism Out of the Closet


The warm reception of Oliver Stone’s Kremlin propaganda is a watershed moment in American politics.

New Cable Series Wants to Make Audiences Cheer for the KGB


“It might be a little different to believe and get used to, but we want you to root for the KGB,” said Joel Fields. “If you tried to tell a story like this about al-Qaeda now, it would be impossible; no one would want to hear it,”

Oliver Stone’s Cold War Melodrama


A Hate-America documentary series blames the U.S. for Soviet expansionism.

Why Kerry Remains Unfit for Command


A look back at the ugly truths the Swift Boat Vets brought to light about the senator.

Communism for Kids: Teaching “A People’s History of the United States” to 10 Year Olds


Furthermore, an entire spin-off industry has developed for adapting Zinn’s version of history for the lower grades. Publisher Seven Stories claims that Zinn’s A Young People’s History, for ages 10 and up, is their best-selling backlist title. A plethora of lesson materials is offered to teachers through the Zinn Education Project.

Interview with the Russian Rush Limbaugh


A Soviet-educated conservative dissects life in America.