Reign of Evil: A Look Back at the Vicious Rule of Hugo Chavez


A socialist tyrant is dead, but his authoritarianism will tragically live on.

How the Communist Left Killed Free Speech in the West


What happens when liberals embrace totalitarians.

Hugo Chavez’s Disastrous Legacy


Can Venezuela be saved?

We’ll Keep the Red Flag Flying Here

red flag

Socialists sell false hope in a red music box.

John Kerry: Assad’s Man in Washington


After the senator’s romance with the butchers of Vietnam came his romance with the butcher of Syria.

Valerie Jarrett’s Radical Roots

Valerie Jarrett_2

A look at the background of President Obama’s most trusted advisor.

Marching Orders: A High School Band’s Communist Celebration


“Glee meets the Russian Revolution.”

Government Unions: How They Rob the Taxpayer, Terrorize Workers, and Threaten our Democracy


A searing new exposé from the Freedom Center reveals the true agenda of public service unions.

Obama’s Favorite Union and Biggest Funder


Shoulder to shoulder with hardcore Communist crusaders.

Radicals’ Plans for GOP Convention Not Dampened


Hackers, demonstrators, aim for mayhem.

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