LAST CALL: Pubescent Politics, Liberal Cannibals and Rachel’s Rejection

You can debate tax reform after you clean your room!
Calvin Freiburger explores the hubris of youth in his post about the considerable buzz surrounding 14-year-old conservative author Jonathan Krohn, offering a healthy perspective on the ambitious, pubescent teen. A grain of salt…
Brains and [...]

Don’t Fall Like Rolling Stone and the Rest of the Left, Don’t Let a President Ruin a Decade

When reading a book or an article you’re supposed to lose yourself in the text itself. Sometimes, though, it’s easy to trip over a comma or a period and stumble the past. You’re no longer thinking of what the author intended, but of a time long since passed.
As I read the opening paragraph of Rob [...]

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From the Pen of David Horowitz: December 15, 2009

Dear Ralph,
It has been over a decade since this silence as durable as an iron curtain descended between us. In these circumstances, I have had to depend on others to learn how you regard me these days: how, at a recent social gathering, you referred to me as “one of the two tragedies of the [...]

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From the Pen of David Horowitz: December 2, 2009

Notwithstanding that the West and her anti-Communist enemies were right all along, Gerda Lerner is still a determined and passionate enemy of America and the West. In the conflict in Iraq it does not matter to her that Saddam Hussein did not even pretend to advance the cause of “social justice” as Stalin did. It [...]