Obama Chief of Staff Blasts Israel at J Street Confab


The knives are out for the Jewish State.

Rep. Keith Ellison: Apologist for Jihad

keith ellison al jazeera

The congressman’s curious theory on the root causes of terrorism.

White Privilege


The obscene ideology being promoted by thousands of public school teachers.

Conservative Daily Caller Banned from MLA Convention


But the academic organization opens its arms to the Marxist “Red Wedge.”

Oslo @ Twenty


An upcoming conference in Los Angeles examines the costs and consequences of the peace process.

Europe’s Last Stand?


This week The American Freedom Alliance hosts a major international conference in Los Angeles.

Dershowitz and Tragedy

jpost nyc 2013 panel 1-15-thumb-470x313-3098

How the endless torrent of anti-Israel propaganda influences even the most steadfast defenders of Israel.

CUNY’s Despicable Anti-Pinkwashing Conference


Gay activists bash Israel while defending the Muslim world’s worst torturers of homosexuals.

Inside the Muslim Student Association Conference, Part 3


Muslim Brotherhood front groups add a thousand more followers to their radical cause.

Inside the Muslim Student Association Conference, Part 2


Radical speakers take the stage.