The Christians Who Protect Israel


Few Israelis know about the strangers who ensure their survival.

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UC Berkeley and the ‘Islamophobia’ Lobby


Conference bemoans an imaginary problem — while ignoring the very real predations of Islamism.

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Islamic Apartheid Conference Under Attack


Protesting us for daring to speak out against Islamic apartheid.

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Academic Integrity Dying on Harvard’s Ivy League Vine


Welcome to extreme anti-Israel bias.

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New Front in Israel Campus Wars


Why the anti-Israel Left achieved a strategic victory with Harvard’s one-state solution conference.

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An Anti-Israel Activist’s Epiphany


And what it means for the propaganda war against the Jewish State.

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Harvard’s Academic Pogrom


The university’s upcoming Destroy Israel conference.

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Harvard, Jew Haters, Motherhood and Israel


The same evil wind that swept academia before the Holocaust is blowing through it again today.

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Harvard Promotes the Palestinians’ Slow-Motion ‘Final Solution’


Prestigious university holds conference on the Arabs’ Hilter-inspired strategy to destroy Israel.

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I’ll Be Speaking at the Is The (Real) News Dead? Conference this Weekend

This weekend I’ll be participating in the Is the (Real) News Dead? International Conference at Pepperdine University in Malibu.
The conference is being put on by American Freedom Alliance and the list of participants can be found here.
I’ll tentatively be speaking on two different panels:
The first is “Impact of the media on the political process,” a [...]