Spending and Morality


The curious practice of government theft for the “common good.”

Welcome to the Executive Dictatorship


America’s elected tyranny.

Why Obama Did the Prisoner Swap — on The Glazov Gang


A glance into the heart of a leftist administration’s darkness.

The Return of Earmarks?


Ominous signals from Congress that groundbreaking reforms may soon be reversed.

Rep. Tom Cotton: ‘We Will Not Leave These Four Men Behind’

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 1.16.34 AM

A congressman’s harsh words for the Democratic Party’s campaign to bury Benghazi.

Time for Truth & Consequences on the Benghazi Cover Up

Hillary Clinton testifies

Will the American public finally get answers?

The Constitution or Good Ideas?

Stock Photo of the Consitution of the United States and Feather Quill

Which should we be ruled by?

Eric Holder’s Race-Baiting Attack on Congress

Eric Holder

The attorney general’s gambit of distraction.

Governed by Rules, Not Men


The only way to combat tyranny.

Black People Duped


Why political power hasn’t solved black socioeconomic problems.