The Atheist Response to Sandy Hook

Balloons hang from the Sandy Hook Elementary School sign in Sandy Hook, in Newtown,

A perfect illustration of the intellectual and emotional emptiness at the heart of atheism.

Hillary Hiding — on The Darwish Gang

Hillary Clinton Honors Late Ambassador Chris Stevens At Awards Ceremony

Why the Benghazi hearings just can’t get a Secretary of State to tell her tale.

We Know How to Stop School Shootings


Only one law has ever been shown to reduce the death rate from mass shootings.

The Left’s Renewed Assault on the NRA


Anti-Second Amendment zealots vow to “exploit” and “politicize” the Newtown massacre.

Never Let a Horror Go To Waste


The Left sees opportunity in tragedy.

The Second Amendment Is Not Negotiable

Second Amendment belt buckle B0189

Recounting the irrefutable facts about gun ownership in America.

Gun Control is Evil Misspelled


The individual is not the problem.

Another Phony “Veteran”


Illinois’ Phil Hare is the latest Democratic candidate to embellish his military service record.

Media Malpractice


Welcome to the world where Richard Blumenthal’s lies are less reprehensible than Rand Paul’s honest opinion.

Faisal’s Terror Ties


An international plot unfolds.