The Shape of Politics to Come


Top political minds discuss conservative ideas that could define the future at the West Coast Retreat.

Why the Libertarian Moment Isn’t Here


There is no individualism without individual responsibility.

Welcome the Hip-Hop World into the Conservative Tent


Hip-hop crosses racial and class boundaries — and so should the Right.

Immigration and the Future of American Conservatism


The GOP can either change on immigration or immigration will change the GOP.

Margaret Thatcher on Socialism


Yearning for the poor to be poorer — as long as the rich are less rich.

Jeff Sessions: GOP Must Make the Moral Case for Conservatism

Picture 1

Keynote speaker at Freedom Center’s West Coast Retreat crystallizes the only way leftist destruction can be stopped.

Should Conservatives Become “Competent Liberals”?


You can’t sell conservatism to people who without government subsidies fear ending up on the street with their children. You can’t sell conservatism to single women who count on the government being there if they get pregnant, not their boyfriends. You can’t sell conservatism to young people who have been taken care of by the state all their lives. You can’t sell conservatism to the elderly who hope that the state will take care of them because their children won’t.

Heart of Hollywood Darkness — on The Brewster Gang


Actor Dwight Schultz reflects on being a conservative in an industry where thoughts can be crimes.

The All-New Hollywood Closet — on The Brewster Gang


Part I: Part II:

Baseball, Dennis & the French


Paul Croshaw discusses his new film about how listening to Dennis Prager led him to conservatism and faith.