Ron Radosh: What Conservatives Need to Know About Joe McCarthy

I noticed the controversy over the late Senator McCarthy in the comments column at NewsReal. It is a mistake for conservatives to think that just because McCarthy’s targets were real, the Senator did no harm. Stan Evans has contributed mightily to this confusion in his [...]

David Frum Continues to Promote Big Government Conservatism

A number of NewsRealblog posts have recently taken David Frum to task because of his criticisms of Glenn Beck and his (Frum’s) quest to “rebrand conservatism.”
Frum appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Tuesday to talk about his “new conservative brand,” where conservatism went wrong, and how to redefine conservative ideology so Republicans can win elections again.
The not-so-suprising conclusion: social conservatives should be told to take [...]

Mark Steyn Declares Side in Glenn Beck Debate

From The Corner Mark Steyn links to Kathy Shaidle’s recent NewsReal post on Media Matters’ recent smear against Glenn Beck and notes:
Sad to say, many who should know better go along with it. Our old comrade David Frum wrote a piece called “Whose Side Is Glenn Beck On?” Well, in the space of a week [...]

Why So Many on the Right and the Left Can’t Figure Out How To Deal with Glenn Beck

Today one of our commenters, Ben, posted a link to Media Bistro on David Horowitz’s post about the newest installment in the debate with David Frum.
Ben did so to demonstrate an interesting point: Glenn Beck did fairly well in a recent public opinion poll. Only 19% of Americans have a negative view of him. Compare [...]

How will Generation Y Distinguish Itself on the Conservative Chessboard?

Calvin Freiburger wrote a great post the other day responding to my Conservative Chessboard analogy:
On the whole, though, I think Swindle has come up with a great analogy, as long as we don’t mistake the Rooks’ specialty for aggression for an absence of the Bishops’ intellect, and vice-versa (which I don’t mean to suggest he [...]

Is New Majority Trying To Say Something With Its Choice of Picture?

This morning David Horowitz highlighted how at David Frum’s New Majority site Frum posted his most recent response in the debate without linking to the rebuttal.
While this is a worthy criticism to make I was also put off by a different aspect of New Majority’s presentation: Why did they choose the above two pictures of [...]

Horowitz vs Frum: He’s Wrong About Glenn Beck

I agree with you David that this dialogue is getting more focused, and I find it much more pleasurable (and hopefully informative) as a result.
There are two issues here. One is a remarkable conservative outburst against the broadcaster Glenn Beck which includes you, Mark Levin and Pete Wehner among others, and which collectively wishes for [...]

Huckabee Following “Reagan’s Path to Victory”

Huckabee follows Reagan’s Pathway to Victory in using the media commentary.