The Paul – Kokesh – (Palin?) Revolution: “Americans Have a Moral Obligation Not to Pay Their Torture-Funding Income Taxes

In Dear Sarah Palin, It’s Time to Re-Think That Rand Paul (Anti-Israel, Pro-Kokesh) Endorsement!, NRB presented the contradiction between Rand Paul’s statement to AIPAC concerning continued support for Israel, and the isolationist position he reiterates in the presence of fellow libertarians.
The post featured a video of Rand Paul and his friend and fellow U.S. Congressional [...]

JD Hayworth: McCain’s Worst Nightmare?

The replacement of “Maverick” Republican John McCain with an authentic conservative is a longtime fantasy held by many of us on the Right.  But could it actually happen?  Former Congressman and Arizona talk radio host JD Hayworth thinks so, and while the polls show he’s got an uphill battle, an upset isn’t impossible.  The Daily [...]