Andrew C. McCarthy: Kill or Capture? – National Review Online

A few years ago, I got into an argument with an expert on military operations. I had written a white paper proposing the creation of a national-security court for terrorism cases. In the paper I criticized the trend to “judicialize” warfare, arguing that, in our system, judgments about the detention and treatment of alien enemy […]

Intellectuals and Society


Why Thomas Sowell does not put much faith in Ph.D. degrees.

Why Darren Aronofsky Makes My Top Ten Overrated List

Editor’s Note: Ben Shapiro gives away the ending of “Requiem for a Dream” in this post. He also explicitly summarizes the sequence which gave the film its NC-17 rating. Reader discretion is advised.
David Swindle was kind enough to email me about his post earlier today responding to my piece at Big Hollywood [...]

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NewsReal Sunday: Secular Spirituality

One of the most common issues that I run up against with the NewsRealBlog community is my contention that spirituality is not the exclusive province of people of faith, but that secularists can experience the same feelings as well. On more than one occasion I’ve said that the feelings that I experience when looking at [...]

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