Joe Biden’s Middle East Delusions


Palestinians are the least ideological and sectarian Arabs in the region?

Exposed Islamist Group Scrambles

Picture 32

MPAC forced to explain its radical record and support for terrorist groups.

California Church to Become Site of Islamist Convention


Muslim Brotherhood followers take the “next step” in their “mission” to corrupt interfaith relations.

Banking – the Union Way


How Democratic funding powerhouses are taking revenge on the party for holding the DNC in right-to-work Charolotte.

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Why Is Obama Still Likable?


What might be causing the president’s strangely high poll numbers.

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Dismal Economic News Haunts Dem Convention


$16 trillion of debt, a declining manufacturing sector, and record food stamp usage are hard to ignore.

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The Left’s Hurricane of Hate


Isaac brings out progressives’ true colors.

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War on Women: Media Bashing of Ann Romney Begins

As soon as Ann Romney finished delivering a passionate speech that reminded people of what a real First Lady is like, the media launched its own War on Women.

Jihad At the DNC


Why are Democrats playing host to Islamic supremacists at the Charlotte convention?

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The Coming DNC Disaster


There’s good reason for Democrats to stay away from the scandal-plagued swing state.

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