Baltimore Cops Indicted in Freddie Gray Case


In a leftist-created crisis atmosphere, a grand jury does what the lynch mob demands.

Studies Show Black Officers are Harder on Black Suspects


Black officers were more likely to make an arrest when the suspect was black.

Black Mob Violence and Denial


Don’t ask the media for the truth — ask a cop.

‘Insider Killings’ in Afghanistan


Members of the Afghan army are increasingly turning their weapons against us.

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The Beholden State


How public-sector unions broke California.

Abdulmutallab Stops Talking After Being Read Miranda Rights –

The attempted Christmas Day destruction over Detroit of Northwest Flight 253 by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab is fading from public memory as a fortunate near-miss. This incident should not fade from view. As more information emerges, the picture it paints about the antiterror mindset of the current U.S. government is—there is no other word—scary. Last week […]