Coptic Christian Journalist Discriminated Against at BBC Arabic by Muslims


One editor told him he could not talk about Islamic movements on BBC Arabic because he was a Christian.

Obama’s Muslim Advisers Blame Coptic Christians for Muslim Attacks Against Them


If you want to know why Obama and his cronies have turned a blind eye to Muslim Brotherhood violence against Coptic Christians …

Egyptian Mosques Encouraged Attacks on Coptic Christians


During the attack itself, Adly says that mosques used their microphones to entreat people to “undertake jihad” and “defend Islam.”

Muslim Brotherhood Defends Church Burnings, Military Pledges to Rebuild Burned Churches


“The Pope accuses Islamic Shariaa of being backward. The Pope objects to Constitution enforcing Islamic Identity. After all of this: You ask, why are they burning churches?”

Egyptian Christian Dies After Muslims Douse Him with Gasoline, Set Him on Fire


Saber Helal Saber had been returning home with his fiance when they were set upon by Muslim rioters. When he tried to defend himself and his fiance against their attack, the attackers poured gasoline over him and set it on fire.

First They Came for the Jews and then the Christians


Between 1954 and 1956, 80,000 Egyptian Jews were expelled from Egypt. After the Egyptian military expelled Jews and outlawed Bahais and Shias, they started their campaign against Christians. Some 4 million Egyptian Christians have emigrated from Egypt over the last 60 years.

Egypt’s Salafi Party Objects to Banning Sex Slavery


“Such things do not exist” in Egypt.

Egypt: Islamists vs. Copts


Islamist animosity that seeks any excuse to attack.

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Islamic Hate for a Dead Pope


How Muslim teachings suppress and pervert the most natural human impulses.

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The Muslim Brotherhood’s Charm Offensive in Washington


The Islamist organization gets unprecedented access to Obama administration operatives.

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