Exposed: Egypt’s Institutionalized Persecution of Coptic Christians


It’s not just the Muslim mob. It’s the Muslim government.

Christian Slaughter in Libya


The horrific beheading of 21 Copts and what it reveals about the growth of the Islamic State.

Raymond Ibrahim Discusses Muslim Persecution of Christians with Michael Coren

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And the Western media’s silence.

An Islamic Declaration of War on Christianity


Why the assault on Egypt’s great St. Mark Cathedral was more than just your average jihad attack.

The Kidnapping of Coptic Girls

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Christian women and girls continue to be abducted on a near daily basis and forced to convert to Islam.

Muslims Continue Showing Respect for Other People’s Religion


If there’s anything we know about Islam, it’s that it’s positively notorious for respecting other people’s religions. That may explain why the Middle East is a wonderful multicultural utopia that Christians and Jews are fleeing from, except for the Jews who built Fortress Israel to keep out that notorious Muslim respect for their religion.

Destroying Churches in Egypt: One at a Time

What clearer sign that Egypt is turning rabidly Islamist than the fact that hardly a few weeks go by without a church being destroyed, or without protesting Christians being attacked and slaughtered by the military? The latest chaos in Egypt—where the military opened fire on unarmed Christians and repeatedly ran armored vehicles over them, killing […]

Egypt’s Christians In Peril


The Christmas Eve Massacre and other attacks on the Muslim country’s religious minorities.

Obama’s New Year Gift to the Saudi King – by Nonie Darwish


How the KSM trial in New York will boost Muslim clerics’ call for hate and justifications for 9/11.